Are You One Of Those Who Do Not Trust Online Casinos?

The mandatory element for any online casino is security, as it is the primary incentive so that its users do not fall into uncertainty. Online sportsbooks do not skimp on expense when it comes to this issue and seeks to have the most up-to-date in protection software. To broaden the context, we interviewed the cybersecurity expert, Hugo Ugarte, who told us about all the characteristics that safe online casinos should have.

Hugo certifies that any non-dangerous site must have an encryption technology system, which makes it easy for processes such as winning, losing, disbursements, deposited bonuses, transfer times, and cash availability to run without delays.

The encryption passes through sockets (commands where two or more programs exchange data in an orderly manner) that are regulated by a Secure Socket Layer or better known as SSL (a system that guarantees that said data travels in an integral way) which must be to proof of DDoS attacks (which are attacks on servers from different computers to bring down the system).

Apart from the encryption system, no online sportsbook could be complete without a random number generator. The generator is a set of proprietary mathematical models and algorithms, which produce a highly random chaotic result. If you do not have a reliable one, there is no way to know if the site is fair when sharing the profits. It is the engine that makes all games subject to change.

A very constant concern among users is that their personal information is used for unethical purposes. This class of portals has a registry where very sensitive data is emptied, such as bank card numbers. “The encryption and protection of financial data is a priority issue, that is why we must have the best banking processors on the market with which every card is scanned under rigorous security methods that provide protection at all times, and under no circumstances store customer data, ” says the expert on digital security.

There are several signs that give away a fraudulent site, and Ugarte says that you have to be cautious when detecting the following:

If a domain is accessed with HTTP instead of https, it is likely that it does not have an SSL license; that is, they are not regulated by a Secure Socket Layer (a system that guarantees that said data travels in its entirety)

Pages that process payments and store your card for future purchases without having the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) mechanism.

Sites that are advertised on pages of dubious origin such as cracks, illegal and pornographic downloads.

Hackers already know the rigorous security filters that payment processing sites have and choose not to waste time on them. However, they will try to corrupt the most vulnerable link, which is the user’s connection, especially in public networks, where they extract the password.

What Makes Texas Holdem Poker So Popular

The poker has always been a very popular card game, and from early modern civilizations online casino malaysia, this game was the betting favorite of many people throughout history, from nobles to commoners of artists to bankers; everyone in the world was fascinated by the card game in which the best combination always wins.

The seduction of poker lies in the fact that in addition to strategy, you need luck and the ability to read the opponent; this created an addictive effect on people, making everyone want to play this card game to win money based on the bets they make they were made in company casino malaysia each hand.

In addition to that, the simplicity of the game and the wide variety of versions of poker that exist ( Texas hold ’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi / Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud Hi / Lo, Draw Poker and mixed games ) made everyone will be bewitched and amazed by the cards and gambling, making this type of entertainment one of the best.

But what is poker? Who invented it? What is behind one of the most popular games in the history of modern man?

It is believed that poker was invented by the Chinese 900 after Christ, and its creation was the result of a variant of their dominance, although there are other people and theories that suggest that poker was invented by the Persians and consisted of a game of 25 cards of 5 suits designed for 5 players.

After that, the rest is history, and you just have to know that poker is a card game in which its players hide said cards to make bets, starting with an initial bid, at the end of each hand, the player with the best combination takes the total sum of bets placed by all players.

But How Much Do You Know About Texas Hold ’em?

This is the version that became standard of the game of poker; this means that it is the best-known variant in which up to 22 players can play, although the standard goes from 2 to 10 players, and it is a round of betting where you win on each hand, the bet that was made, the best combination of cards.

This simple game mode captured everyone’s attention, and the relative ease with which you can learn to master this variant of poker has made everyone in the world be fascinated with Texas hold ’em, making it the # 1 that everyone looks for in land-based and online casinos.

However, do not underestimate this type of poker and although it seems that it is simple and straightforward, there are basic rules of Texas Holdem poker that you must know to master it and win at every betting table that you sit down.

Some people believe that the only thing you need in addition to luck and a good hand is face poker, but that is not true, because you also need knowledge in one of the favorite variants of everyone talking about poker.


Blackjack is the only green table game where the odds of the dealer and the player are nearly equal, in both traditional gambling halls and online casinos.

The probability is calculated according to the number of decks put into play. Fewer decks can be said to benefit the player. There is a substantial difference between traditional casinos and online casinos: in the former the cards used are set aside until the decks are changed; in the latter, after each hand, all the cards are reshuffled. However, this does not have a decisive influence on the calculation of probabilities.

The indications provided here are based on the use of “mathematical hope” for the calculation of probabilities, therefore they represent a guideline from a purely statistical point of view. To get a real edge on the house, you have to take into account many other aspects as well, which we will cover in another article. If you are thinking about card counting we have to disappoint you: this practice is mathematically correct and advantageous for the player in the long run, but it is prohibited in all traditional casinos.



The system exposed is to be interpreted as a generic method to have a greater chance of beating the house in the game of blackjack. However, following this method does not guarantee a cash payout over time.

However much the house edge can be reduced, we must always take into consideration the fact that a margin always remains, unless we are champions in card counting. And don’t forget the luck factor.

There are dozens of other variations of this basic strategy that can be used with valid results.